Love Tribe Open Hearts Arts + Life Center
Open Hearts, No Matter What!


Our mission is to provide a forum for diverse people to express open-hearted connection in community by sharing their artistic gifts, creative responses and authentic life experiences in order to contribute to a more loving world.

We are a strong, unified, and devoted community of artists, healers, musicians, movers, shakers and joy seekers who now have a home-base at our new Arts Life Center on Main Street in Branford! With time we will be home to open-mic nights, art making, dance and movement workshops, concerts and special performances, meditation space and more!

Our community and our space are dynamic- if you're interested in joining our Love Tribe Community and have something you would like to offer, check out our Join Us page!



We want to spread the love to the farthest corners of the Universe! One way that remind ourselves to keep Open Hearts, is by gifting, sharing, and wearing our Love Tribe Bands! They are now all over the world!

Send us a picture of you wearing your Love Tribe bracelet and you might find yourself featured on our instagram or facebook page! We love to see where the Love Tribe is growing to!

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WE believe that a great many of the problems faced in society can be attributed to a root state of lovelessness. When we do not feel loved - in our homes, our hearts and our communities - we reduce relationships to transactions while squandering energy and talent hiding our true selves. As a result, humanity is diminished, our circles grow smaller and the world’s suffering increases.


By contrast, the Love Tribe, founded in 2012 by Sal Annunziato,  has repeated thousands of times the simple act of one open heart calling out to another to remain open no matter what. The movement’s bright red bracelets are a visible symbol of that personal commitment. Making art and music together, doing wellness practices together and coming together on social media wearing the bracelets, over 50,000 people to date from many continents have made a conscious decision to celebrate love, unity and open-hearted connection.

WE believe that by further aligning these open hearts, we can unlock exponentially a force for good. The time has come for the Love Tribe to have a physical home and organizational structure that can support ongoing activities focused on sharing who we are with one another.


Become a part of the growing Love Tribe Story! Visit the Center, grab a bracelet, and connect with our community of love!